Can anyone give me example for parallel activity with xaml?

I am looking for , best scenario where we can use parallel activity. Give me one example scenario with xaml.

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In reference to below post, attached is the example.

parallels.xaml (10.2 KB)

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If two actions are independent of each other then we can use them as activities side by side in a parallel activity.

Thank you.

here is the demo please watch part 1 and part 2

Hello @priyadharshini,

Check the attached XAML for reference,
Parallel Activity can be used when you want to perform the multiple tasks independent from one another.
Eg: Logging message, Write to Notepad, Open Browser etc…

Debug the Below flow and check the log info you will get a clear idea on how parallel works. :slight_smile:

ParallelTest.xaml (10.7 KB)

Hi @sara_s, I had a look at your Video, its simple and good example, but i just wanna clear/suggest one info.
When we performing the same task in parallel. say “Type into Notepad” The PROCESS will be locked and till that it won’t get completed it won’t release the control. (i.e TYPE happens only one instance at a time)
Suppose multiple Tasks using the same PROCESS in multiple sequences in parallel activity the one would wait till the other gets completed (for eg: type into notepad & type into UI Element in the browser are same so TYPE happens only once per instance )