How to use multiple robots on one license

Hello Guys,

Im currently facing a small problem within the orcehstrator. I want to use a second unnattended robot while I have one unnattended license (one runtime that will be executing back office processes simultaneously). I can connect this second robot no problem but when I want to excecute a process with Robot 2 I get an error: “Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available runtime licenses. (#1915).”

What seems to be the problem is, is that Robot 1 never releases the runtime license (Even though it is not processing any processes at the moment).

Do you have any idea to resolve this problem?

Kind regards,

hi @Peter_Peter
on your issue is simple
you can create multiple robot and keep standby but as mention your license dashboard you have only one runtime license so , you cannot run/connect your second robot while running or connect the of your 1st robot in to orchestrator

you have 100% utilize your robot license count

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