How to use computer vision activity for enterprise studio?

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I’m working on an enterprise Uipath studio. I have a task to take access of the VM server using RDP. And need to open the cmd , execute the command and read the cmd output.

I’m not using internet connection where the Uipath studio is installed and I don’t have an account on cloud.

I have went through the other post too for ai computer vision and it requires API key.

How can I complete my task with the above parameters???

Could you please help to me for the solution??

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HI @Vrushali_Gave

Could you try with Native citric recording?


Regarding Computer Vision on on-prem environment you should install standalone CV server.

But also you can use community API key but you have to create account on
To read text from the console, I usually I used ‘get ocr text’ and then I used regex expression to get the data which I needed.


@pikorpa The standalone windows CV requires license key.

Can we use it without license?

I have Enterprise license for ‘on-prem’ environment.
From UiPath support I got information that I can use Windows CV Server or use my API key for Community. Both options are allowed for Enterprise license.

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@pikorpa I have the same enterprise license for the Uipath studio. Do I need to buy seperate license for Windows CV server ??? Or it’s included in enterprise license ???

Hey, from UiPath Support I got information that I have this license included in my Enterprise license.

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@pikorpa okay. Thank you for your response

I got the information from Uipath support team i.e. we have to purchase seperate licence for it.

There are a few ways you can use CV

  • You can use the free CV cloud service, by getting a key from your license page (see postwick’s post above)
  • Use an on-prem CV server
  • Use the Local server (runs directly on the robot).

All of these are free of charge