CV License Key

For Computer Vision AI activities, we currently use a community edition CV API key (30 mp/min) obtained from the UiPath automation cloud platform. However, now we need to use/activate a CV license key that is shared with us by UiPath team. Is there a way to use/activate this license key on the automation cloud platform? We are not looking at creating a local CV server at this time. Please help.

The Computer Vision section in the Other Services tab on the Licenses page displays the amount of data (in megapixels) that can be processed every minute by our Computer Vision servers based on your license entitlement. Access to the Computer Vision servers is granted based on an API Key. The key is generated automatically when you create your organization, along with your Organization ID, and is stored within Automation Cloud.

i’m using the Community license for Dev, does every refresh scope is consider as a new full HD image?
if so, will my process fail if i use more than 15 click activity( while refreshing the scope every time)?