Question with Computer Vision


So I was looking for a better alternative for an automation I am working on since most of the ui elements can’t be spied on the app using normal ui automation and ocr is not really practical. So I tried using Computer vision but during development I got this pop up:


I guess my question is, is it ideal to use cv uipath for Production? I’m really concern with the confidential information that may be leaked. Any alternative?


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The data is only sent if you use the free servers (the API key you get from from UIPath.

You can develop your workflow using CV Activities, and then set up your own CV Server in your office. See Deploy

In other words: It’s ideal for production if you deploy your own server, much in the same way you’d deploy your own Orchestrator.

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Hi @JCaravaca thank you for the reply! Learned something new. Is provisioning our own CV Server requires additional license?

No additional license is needed, you just need to contact UiPath and get the machine learning model from them. Once you have it you can follow the instructions that @JCaravaca has linked to above to install it.


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