Setting Up Computer Vision

Hi. I want to use Computer Vision Activity. I have a cloud orchestrator service with a community license on my own. I try to set up Computer Vision. At first, I generate API key ( It was easy just because I find the solution how to do that. The next step was to get the Server URL, so I try to find more but find only one solution - deploy the local server ( ). But there were no links to download setups. If take to account Ubuntu -there said " Download the file to your machine from the link provided to you by your sales rep." I have no idea who is my sales rep (Community edition). If take the situation for Windows 10 - " Download and run the UiPathCVService.msi executable on the GPU machine. The Setup Wizard is opened." Where I can find UiPathCVService.msi?. (THAT’S Were STEPS FOR LOCAL DEPLOY) . Are there any ways to set up this server on the Uipath cloud orchestrator. So, can you hel[ me to solve this problem? I just want to use it for my studying project:) Happy automation. Looking Forward to hearing from you

I don’t think you want to deploy the LOCAL ComputerVision server, you probably want to use uur cloud server, so you can ignore all the stuff in the second link. As URL just use the default (