Api key and server url for computer vision

Where can we get the Api key and server url for computer vision for entreprise edition?

Hi @sowmiya.anbalagan
Go to admin tab

Then click on licenses → robot & services tab

Below you can find out cv api key

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Same as Community you can find in Enterprise Orchestrator, Check below

as @Robinnavinraj_S said

Hope this help you


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If you are using cloud orchestrator you can follow the suggestion provided by @Srini84 and @Robinnavinraj_S .

If you are using on prem orchestrator you have to go for local server installation for computer vision and there is no requirement of api key. Please refer the below thread for steps related to local deployment of computer vision. And also you have to go for separate license I guess and you can opt enterprise trail for computer vision. Thanks.

Correct me if I said any thing wrong @Srini84 and @Robinnavinraj_S

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@sowmiya.anbalagan @kirankumar.mahanthi1

For On premises orchestrator as @kirankumar.mahanthi1 here is the document which help you to configure

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What is the use of UiPath.Computervision.LocalServer package? Can we use this package as a replacement for the windows CV server?


It is replacement for windows cv server if you want to work on computer vision for local. But it is having some limitations. If you want to do it in robust way for on prem better to go with separate server installation for CV. Please check the thread I mentioned above for more details. Thanks.

Can you please share the download URL for the UiPathCVService.msi installer?