Computer Vision Setup (cant find CV API code)

Hi All,
Currently I am trying to setup my studio/orchestrator to use Computer Vision using enterprise versions of Orchestrator 2019.10.15 and Studio 2019.10.2. I am failing to find the CV API code to plug into my CV Screen Scope. Do you have to have a to purchase a specific license to be able to use Computer Vision? I have tried on my local using the Community edition Orchestrator and Studio and was successful but then when I try it with our enterprise version or orchestrator I am having no luck as the CV section under Setting is not visible. Anything will help.

Ryan M

hi @rmiller723
check this please


See this:

This is what it looks like when I go to the Licenses Tab

Not looking to use a local Computer Vision Server, Is that what is required?

go here buddy

You sure will need to use a server… and for enterprise use, i imagine could not be the community one…

@bcorrea For enterprise I will need to set-up a Server for the ComputerVision? Does CV require another License?

I would open a support ticket to ask this, but the use is the same as we do in CE, we need an endpoint (server) and a license (API Key).

Will do, And yes that’s my thoughts too. I have CE working fine but when I try to do the same with my Enterprise edition it is not the same. I will put a ticket in with UiPath. Thank you @bcorrea

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