Assignment 2 Upload Questinon (Generate Yearly Report)

I’ve completed the assignment and all items have been processed on my computer.

Do I reset the test data before uploading the assignment to UIPath? Do I upload the dispatcher and performer separately or do I zip them together in one file?

They are zipped together, and you will want to test your process after resetting multiple times to ensure that it’s working correctly in all cases.

But does the data in system1 need to be new and unprocessed (Reset) when I upload the assignment?

No, they’ll use a separate login to test it. That’s one of the reasons why they want to be sure you’re storing credentials in Orchestrator, so they can use their credentials on their end.

Hi @samantha.pare,

Before you upload run your process and check in ACME assignment result if it says you passed the process then you can add your solution into the academy

Remember : use single mail address for the ACME and Academy.
This is an automatic grading system and its purely based on ACME result

How long should it take the review? In my case it is still with “under review” status, and it is the 3rd day with this status. Thanks.