How to upload an excel file to an action and save locally / get robot to read excel file


I am looking to replace a “dispatcher” that regularly checks an email account for a new input file and instead have an action a user can upload the input file (excel) to and for the bot to run this.

I think I am getting the file upload/download part wrong - I keep getting error messages when I try to upload the file to the action.

The most common error is “invalid blob path” when I try to upload. I think this refers to Azure, but my storage bucket is just hosted on Orchestrator so not sure where this comes from.

If someone could help I’d be very grateful!

Realised part of what I needed to do - use an out argument as part of my form ask with type “storageuploads”.

Next step is saving this file locally - or atleast being able to read range on it. Any advice?