How to send Excel file to action center

Hello Every one,

Actually here i am trying to send the excel file to an action center where the user can modify the excel and those modification has to reflect in my source excel file I.e the file which i have sent.
Can any one help me how to do that with any example

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HI @adarsh_kotagiri

Check on this may be it will be helpful for you



Hi @Gokul001

Thank you for sharing the valuable information, but there is no similar case which is matching with my scenario. Actually what i am trying to do is that i want to reflect the excel file from studio to action center where the user have to download that excel and do modifications and upload it in the same action center so that after completion of the task i want to see the modified data in studio.

so if you have any idea please share any sample workflow if possible

Thanks and Regards

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