How to update unattended robot license in orchestartor

Hi everyone i have a question related to license update in orchestrator any help will be appreciated.

I purchased one back office robot license and when uploading it to orchestrator assigned it to one email address,now i want to buy 2 more back office robot license and want to assign it to same email address,is it possible if possible will it show 3 back office robot license in orchestrator? or i will have to add the new license to another email address?


Do you mean same Username, as long as it is not high density configuration, I think you can provision robots with same username (different machine name)

Hi @vvaidya it is not high density config.
i will explain it more clearly
I used this process for activation of license below…so i used my email address at that time i bought one license,now want to purchase 2 more and activate it using same email address. so will it show 3 backoffice robots for me on orchestrator or it is good to upload new license with another email address?

Activate your license using the Regutil tool by executing the following command: regutil activate /email=emailaddress /code=licensecode.

Not sure if the email matters. @ovi can confirm

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Hi @Samurai,

You can have 2 more Robots under the same license key & email address. But after the license key is updated on our side(with 2 more Robots) you will have to generate again the license file and upload to Orchestrator. You will then see 3 available Robots in Orchestrator.

Please contact the support team and they will update your license per your requirements: Contact Technical Support. Select Service request - Licensing.


Thanks @ovi and @vvaidya for clearing the doubts.