I want add multiple bot for different machines on orchestrator

I want to add new bot in existing orchestrator , already have one unattended licence which is acquired for one machine, now i want to buy one more bot licence for same orchestrator , so please suggest me will it work for different machine or not work.

And Also suggest, below points
1)if work then same licence will upgrade or getting new licence key.
2) can i use 2nd licence bot for different machine.
3) Required any configuration changes.

@UiPathMaster @VijaiAnand20 ,

@MurugeshBala , @AndersJensen
please suggest

Hi @vivek.gupta !

  1. if i remember well, it will be same licence, no new licence key
  2. yes, you can use 2nd licence for different machine
  3. what type of configurations are you thinking of ?

Hi @Hiba_B , Thank you for reply

for orchestrator configuration.

Hi @vivek.gupta,

You can follow the steps below when adding a new robot.


Hey @vivek.gupta

The scenarios are possible.

You can contact support for the same.