How to update status column of datatable from 'open' to 'Completed' in Calculate Client Security hash workflow

I have almost completed the assignment 1. I am stuck at one place. After updating status to completed in acme System 1 portal, i need to update status to completed in extracted datatable also for next WIID. Can anyone tell me how to do that.?

are you facing issue with iterating to next item after the first one ? or with updating the STATUS from open to complete?

Its done now :D. I was facing problem in iterating to next item, because setTransactionitem workflow was not executing, so transaction number was updating. It’s solved now. Anyways thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Hi Sam,

I’m facing the same did to manage to get setTransactionItem to work?can you please share your screenshot?

I manage to get to work.thank you :smile: I’m so happy right now

@sandeepredde I am facing issue to iterate to next item.I’m not using queues

@sreekanth In finally block of Process transaction sequence check in ‘set transaction status’ workflow whether you are increasing transaction number by 1 or not.? (io_TransactionNumber+1).

I’m getting the first item.After this item it is not processing to Navigation of item.It is not coming out of If condition.@Sam

solved it now