Client Security Hash error

I watched the video and followed it, and I got an error at the end.
After data scrapping , it runs until ACME re-login, and SHA1 does not open and error.

Assign -> TransactionNumber = TransactionNumber + 1
TransactionNumber Default 0

How do I resolve these errors? Please help meㅠㅠ

Hi @hanbyeol

In data tables, arrays etc, the element starts from zero. So the first value goes under 0th position. 2nd in 1st position and so on. So if you are using datatable having the transaction number set to default 0 is fine. However when accessing make sure not do do a -1 in get transaction data when accessing the row. If you do a minus 1 in the first run it will look for an element where position is -1 which does not exist…

Also, you do not need to increment the transaction number in Main as you have done in the screenshot. The transaction number automatically increments after one transaction is successfully completed using the set transaction. Xaml file


Thanks for the answer! I deleted the assign and ran it again, but the result is the same. I don’t know position of ‘Assign: There is no row at position -1.’ could you help me?

Hello @hanbyeol

can you check In_workList count value in GetTransactionData workflow

check also value pass on argument in proper ways


Yes, I checked. But it seems to be the right way…


In the second screenshot here you have an assign activity to assign dt_workitems row to out transaction item. Can you expand the code you have there so that I can see how you are assigning it

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is this right?

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i think dt_workItems(in_TransactionNumber-1) instead of in_TransactionNumber

am i right @Lahiru.Fernando bro

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Thanks for the answer! But can you tell where ‘in_TransactionNumber-1’ is? I can not find it. ;_;


in the first screen you share where you assign out_tranactionItem

default value of in_TransactionNumber should me 1 in variable panel

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Yep @sandeep13 in the variable panel the default of transaction number should be 1 instead of 0. Then in the assign activity where you assign the row item to out transaction item, it should be as @sandeep13 unmentioned. Also make sure you get data from your unit state to dt work items.

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OH! I see. I changed the default value of ‘d’ to 1.
But Is there a way to solve this problem? ㅠ.ㅠ

can you print the
value in GetTransactionData workflow