Need assistance for Client Hash Security Assignment

I need a bit of help in Client Hash Security Assignment. Mine workflow is running OK. It is extracting data from ACME website and putting into Excel. But when updating is starting, it is going on Infinite Loop. Suppose if 5 data needs to be updated, then 5 WI is extracted and put into Excel. When updating starts, repeatedly it is updating those 5 data indefinitely.
I am attaching workflow. Please help else my whole journey is stuck.


Either you have uploaded the wrong file in the drive or your file is full or error.

You have hardcoded the work item IDs and running it in an empty for each loop. Not sure what is going on there though.

Can you please check your file, the logic, and the workflow how you have built it?

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Make sure at the end of the loop, its getting terminating once it meats the last row or record of the datatable which can be set with a condition like
where OutTransactiondata is the variable of type datatable (i hope it should be i dont remenber the variable name, its been long time)
Cheers @trisha_biswas


Yes I understand that. But inside Transaction Block I have the Data Table Created… How can i pass Datatable.Rowcount to Process Block… I am not able to do so


if you are using the orchestrator why do you need a data table for? Just put in the condition that @Palaniyappan mentioned and it will check the state condition by itself and perform end process as soon as condition is ‘false’.

I have not implemented orchestrator here…Can @Raghavendraprasad help me in implementing @Palaniyappan logic…


In transaction Block as you said that you have the datatable ready, pass that datatable obtained inside that block, to a OUT argument defined inside that Transaction block (xaml)
And while using INVOKE WORKFLOW Activity and calling this xaml, in arguments property where we pass in and get out with some values by assigning arguments with IN and OUT direction to a Variable.
And these variable should be declared in the variable panel and the scope of the variable should be the whole sequence so that it can be used and passed as values to any INVOKE WORKFLOW ACTIVITY…like in the sense get the value of that datatable in the transaction Block with a OUT argument and assign it to a global variable created…
–then we can use that variable and get the count as mentioned earlier and make a comparison with TransactionNumber…
Thats all buddy
Kindly try this and let know
Cheers @trisha_biswas


Adding to what @Palaniyappan said, if you don’t want to change the variable names you can have in argument as the transaction item as ‘DataRow’ fromt he data table and the condition can be changed to the iteration count is less than or equal to YourDataTable.Count of which the count can be sent in a s argument for you process workflow.

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Thanks But Will it is possible to download my workflow and if possible edit that. I am understanding the same somewhat but a guidance is required… My humble request to both of you.

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Palaniyappan… Can you pls edit my workflow and send it back to me… Also please mention the errors I had made.
based on new selectors, Automation might fail after Navigating to work Items…