Calculate Client Security Hash - repeating hash code endlessly

I’m completely stuck on the processing of transactions.

My code processes transactions in order with different transaction numbers but always goes back to the same hash code. I’ve tried: TransactionNumber variable is already set to 1 as default.

out_TransactionItem=in_WorkItems(in_TransactionNumber-1) is the assign value

Create an “Assign activity” inside the state GetTransactionData put it below/after the Invoke GetTransactionData workflow.

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong?


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Whether you have deleted the “set transaction status” workflow from the process state???..

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That has now stopped the transaction number iterating - it’s just repeating transaction 1.

Should I then add an assign after the Invoke GetTransactionData workflow?

Transaction Number will be incremented automatically in the set transaction status workflow at the end of the process state…
So, Set transaction status workflow should be there at the end of the process state…

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My mistake - that was there originally, yes.

Solved - the invoke GetTransactionData workflow was importing the TransactionNumber with a default of 1. Changing to the TransactionNumber variable resolved this.

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