Calculate Client Security Hash : How to iterate through Transaction number in GetTransactionData Workflow


Can anybody help me with the below error. I am not able to iterate through TransactionNumber in Calculate client security hash assignment in Advanced developer training.

Am also attaching my entire framework for Assignment 1 of Advanced RPA training. Advanced Lessons_Assignment (2.6 MB)

@divyojyoti.sinha try to type
“ACME System 1 - Log In”+Work_Item_ID.toString
inside yor navgate activity and try


You did not pass in_TransactionItem when invoking Process.xaml

And later you are trying to access WID from that


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Thanks @PrankurJoshi and @Vidwa for your quick responses!! :slight_smile:

I passed TransactionItem Variable while invoking process.xaml and the issue is resolved now and Work Item Id is getting populated correctly now… :slight_smile:

But now am facing another error :

It is not able to select the column names from the Data table extracted. I stored the Data table in an Excel file and found that column names are missing in that data table. How to extract the data table along with the column names using Data scraping wizard? Because while scraping the data table, in preview the column names are showing up, but are missing in the output of scraping wizard.

Preview of data table in excel format below -


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