How to take selector with select item activity for a dropdown field in SAP Business one as select item activity is not working

Hello Team,

I am doing automation of SAP B1 application , it is a desktop application
I need to choose a dropdown value based on my excel data
I tried select item, click, click text, click image , send hotkeys, type into activites in uipath but no success
select item is giving a error message while indicating on screen ’ this control is not supported by select Item’
please help me that how I can select the dropdown value in SAP B1


ideally it should work with dropdown if it is SAP

however give a try and analyse if with a find children acitvity the dropdown items can be retrieved.

it is SAP B1 (SAP Business One)

find children activity is not showing the dropdown values

May we ask you to share the details of your find children implementation with us. So we can crosscheck. Thanks

ItemCreation.xaml (37.1 KB)

Plese find attachment of my coding

it looks like you haven’t configured the filter. What filter expression / which elements to filter was intendended?

Dropdown (114.8 KB)
Please see attached screenshots for the exact requirement

could you please elaborate a bit more about “it looks like you haven’t configured the filter. What filter expression / which elements to filter was intendended?”

When we do work with SAP (local machine, not virtualized) we ensure following:

ther are several steps to check if it is sucessfully enabled or not. The simples test is

  • open UiExplorer
  • indicate to a single elelement

if it is offering a selection to the single element it looks ok. If the entire SAP Window is selected something is not in place as wished.

At least @LevKushnir can give a feedback on the current implemented UiPath Activities, the plans for for the future and specifics of your case.

In case of the SAP elements are accesseable, but for any reasons the drop down values are to retrieve different. Find childen can help.

have a look here on how ot os done for web select boxes:

in your case find the selector of e.g. “Raw Material” select item and generalize it for using it as a filter.

HI @ppr

Just to let you know

SAP WinGUI and SAP BusinessOne are completely different applications.

Our SAP WinGUI activities are not working in SAP B1.

SAP Scripting interface is not available in SAP B1.

Best regards, Lev

HI @gangwar.ritu1

I would suggest to use Computer Vision Activities in this case. This can be helpful for such scenarios.


Best regards, Lev

Perfect. This statement I was expecting from official side. Thank You

So now it can be checked if CV would be an option (Working Result, Licences, Laws for Data Executions)

otherwise other options are to check like Application Accessibilty etc. In your case is the entry “Raw Material” selectable within UiExplorer?

Perfect. This statement I was expecting from offcial side. Thank You

“Official side” sounds very official :slight_smile:

CV, Application Accessibilty, etc → Yes, your ideas are the right one!

Is there any sample Project , could you please share

getting error please share one sample code for same

what is API Key in CV Screen scope and from where I can access it

No itis not selectable

Check this training video UiPath AI Computer Vision - #Training - YouTube

or documentation