Select item - this control does not support select item

Hello All,
am working in web-based automation where I need to select the value from the dropdown.
From Uipath I tried using select item activity it throws an error this control does not support select item
but in application it is dropdown - please assist

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Try sending a Click activity to the drop-down first. Sometimes this is necessary for Select Item to work.

Also, the item you’ve selected must have a list of child items in the UI Explorer tree. If the element you’ve selected is one level too high or too low, the error will occur.

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Hello @Anthony_Humphries,

Problem here is i don’t find any select tag in drop down. all i had is inuput tag.

Please assist on how to use the select item activity where the page doesnt have the select tag

Sometimes there are dropdowns from UiFrameworks that are combining selectx with input field and list (Autosuggestion functions). Even when we wire the selector manually select item fails. Have alook here

we were able to click on the li elements. Maybe your dropdown is similar. Can you share link or some other details? Thanks

I’m having the same difficulty, did you manage to solve it?

This is what worked for me

I selected the ui element using the Indicate Element option
Then I used the open in UiExplorer and naviagated down the visual tree until I was at the Select tag and selected that as the element
Clicked “Save” in UiExplorer