Error on select item activity

can say why select item is not working in SAP automation

Gokul T

use UiExplorer to achieve this!
and copy the selector from UiExplorer and paste it to Select time later on

or else you can do this

  1. Type into and hit enter ( if your UI support typing in the select drop down)
  2. Use click activity on the arrow mark then use click text.

HI @gokul_t

Please provide additional screenshot and mark in red box, what you would like to select?

It is not clear, what is not working? Which element on page, your are selecting?

Thanks, Lev

Is sap gui enabled
Kindly check that once

And even after enabling if that is not working then did we try with other options like send hot key activity with key as down and enter

Cheers @gokul_t

Great idea to check the docu!

Let me share with you and other community member, the latest documentation we have written.

It should be now more understandable, easy to read, it includes a few animation and is even better structured.


Best regards, Lev

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