How to take selector with select item activity for a dropdown field in SAP Business one as select item activity is not working

This video mentioned in link is not telling about CV Dropdown select, could you please share that using ’ CV dropdown select’ how I can select Raw material and I want this Raw material from Excel sheet

it worked

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CV Dropdown select in computer vision is not working to select Dropdown value

I do not have an access to SAP B1 right now to reproduce the stuff, but @gangwar.ritu1 be creative, try to click in the dropdown, once the menu is displayed, try to click the right item once more.

Sir, I knowhow to take data from excel actually I am not able to dynamically select the dropdown value

@ppr any ideas to support @gangwar.ritu1 ?

my scenario is mentioned below
Excel data-
Item Group (Column Name)(dropdown data)
Raw Material

Dropdown data
Raw Material
Packing material
semi finished goods

now I need to choose ’ Raw Material ’ from dropdown

Problem which I am facing -----
I am not able to click dynamically without taking screen shot of raw material, I want to make it dynamic because user can give any value in Itemgroup dropdown

please check the

attached screenshots

with your clear statement:
Our SAP WinGUI are not working in SAP B1. SAP Scripting interface is not available in SAP B1.

the suggestion is to check out the accessbility of B1 in this environment:

  • are selectors available
  • is it running in Citrix / RDP and the corresponding extensions are installed and working

So further in this analysis round it is to clear if and why not B1 can be accessed by selectors
From the shared XAML we do see a Type Into with different selectors. This can be interpretated that elements can be accessed. Further in the XAML we do see the usage of other activities without (more detailed) selectors.

Here the question remains what is the reason for?

So it can be focussed to analyze the different elements on its accessibilty and automations potential. (BTW: a find children without correct set filter and not adopted FindScope never will work and retrieve items).

As currently the focus is set to work with CV just lets finish the exploration with this. If it is not bringing out the expected results and as the retrieval of dropdown items is needed then shift back and check again: if and why not B1 can be accessed by selectors

could you please share one example that How I can select dropdown value in comuper vision and dropdown value will came from excel sheet

I am not able to see any example related to my problem on forum

please help as I am trying from so long