How to stop Framework restarting process on Sys Exception

Hi community,
I have an automation built using the REFramework. The process I am automating needs to have any retries/restarts taken out so that the queue items are not retried and also so that my process doesn’t restart into the Initialisation state when a system error occurs during the process state.
I have set my queue retries to zero and the config file max retries is set to 0 to cover off the queue items but what would be the best way to stop the process itself from restarting?

Simply take the transition arrow pointing toward Initialization state from Process state and drag it to the End process. This will ensure if there is an exception, the process will flow towards End Process state and not Initialization state

for that you need to remove the Transition that redirects the flow of the process to Initialization state from Process state in case of Exception.

make sure to enter the next state in case of exception. Like, if you want to go to end process in case of System Exception then in the transition of the End process, mention SystemException isNot Nothing

Hope this helps!

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Hi @ZoeW

In addition to above method we can have another method simply delete the assign SystemExp = Nothing in the Init State So that the Bot will Not make the SystemExp = Nothing that carries From the ProcessState So the node will go to the Final State!


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The other way is your queue configuration.

You might want to finish your remaining queueitems on an exception, but not retry the failed one…

When you create your queue just set auto-retry to no.

Wether you want the init to be run after an exception or not, is indeed just a question op targeting another part of your REF states, so the arrow not pointing back at init, but get transactionitem or end process instead.

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Thanks Rahul, this was a straightforward change and worked perfectly. I also added an invoke KillAllProcesses workflow into the transition so that my process ends cleanly (may be helpful if others have this question!).

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Thanks Pravin.
So when the assign is removed, when would the robot detect that the system exception is there? Would it complete the Init state and then during the transition at the end, it would move to End Process?

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