How to prevent ReFramework from looping on exception

In the REF, in the Process.xaml file, I have an activity where I try to put some data into a queue. It will trigger an exception because there is already a duplicate in that queue. Thats all fine. However, when I trace how the exception bubbles up in the framework, I realize, that from Process Transactions, there is no way to go from this state to the End Process state.

In other words, if an exception is raised in Process Transaction state, that will eventually lead the framework to go back to the Initialization state. Once there, It will retry to the whole process.

I would really not like to do that. I would rather go to the End Process state.

What is the proper way to prevent ReFramework from looping on exception.

@bcm There are 2 scenarios in case of exception

  1. Business exception - flow goes to Get Transaction item rather than initialise state
  2. System exception - flow goes to initialise state and if retry item is true then retry for the exception item till retry counter.

So coming to your question if you would to like to end your process in case of exception in the process state then you just need to change the flow arrow of Business and system exception to end state.


Thank you!

I’ll try that. Did not even occur to change that :wink:

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@bcm you are always welcome.

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