Reframework Recovery Process

Hello, I have a problem with my proccess in my framework.
When I force my proccess give an error, he dont recovery automatic and stop proccess, what I need do to my proccess return to “init” when give a arror and recovery?


Throw an Exception to force robot go to Init State

Hello @asesor-rpa.
How I can exatly use a Throw, I put in init but dont change nothing in my process.


Hi, naturally it will only go to Init if the error is a system error. However, if you want to force the error you should use the throw activity in your process state where the exception occurs.

Hello @veselim.
In my case, Im try give error in this part(Image)… Where I put a Throw?

Throw a System.Exception (new System.Exception(“your error message here”)) inside Process.xaml in the place you need (For example, when certain condition is not met). That will force robot go to Error Transition


Transition to Init

Please go to Documents\UiPath\yourproject\Data → open Config file → goto Constant sheet and set MaxRetryNumber to desired value .

This will allow your process to recover if any error is encountered.