Start job after system exception

Hello all,
I am running my robot from orchestrator , and it has to run 23:55 hours.
In order to prevent any unexpected stop i want to run the job directly in case of a system exception.
Is it possible to add a Start job activity in the catch section while having a system exception?
If Not, is there any idea how to handle unexpected stops of the robot and start the job automatically?
Thank you in advance

If you used RE-framework, in case of system exception - the workflow again starts from the Init state which means - it re-open all applications and start processing again the pending work items.

Please use state machine, for your requirement. In case of system exception, trigger the state again from where you want to start.

Karthik Byggari

thank you @KarthikByggari for your answer ,
I am using state machine and i want to start from the init state again after every system exception
so how to trigger the state from where i want to start?

Please refer the RE-Framework.

The REF has everything. Please refer. When the system exception occurs it triggers the Init state.

If you are using Orchestrator, you have to set Retry option in the Queue.

If you are not using Orchestrator, in the config file please se the following option -

Karthik Byggari

Thank you

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