How to solve this problem Of uipath studio

HI, every one,

at moment i have serious problem with my tools uipath stuido.

when i start a test simple the links don’t show me, and then don´t me permit creat variable, and argumenterror%20uipath

i need that us help me, please.


Just in case, I thought I’d ask the obvious: Have you closed out of studio and re-opened it? When I was on 2017.1 I had to restart studio the first time it opened every time I restarted my computer because not everything would load correctly.

Also, is it just this XAML, or does opening a new project or opening a different project fix the issue?

If that doesn’t fix it, could you describe in more detail and maybe provide a full window screenshot (alt + print screen). It sounds like you are saying the arrows don’t show up correctly, and also the Variables, Arguments, and Imports tabs don’t appear in studio, is that correct?

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hi, The Solution is unistall .NET framework 4.7 + and restart your machine.


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