General issues with UiPath - invisible arrows and freeze while creating variables

Hi everyone!

I checked the forum and I am not able to find any answers about it.

So basically I have a couple of issues with UiPath Community Edition, first of all I do not see the arrows, they are just invisbile, but the elements in flowchart are connected.

Secondly, the creation of variables - I am not able to do it by the clicking on the bottom left “Variables” option - if I do so, the UiPath is not able to run at all and I can not do anything.

I tried to reinstall it and delete all the files of UiPath, nothing helped.

Thanks for help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jjk7,

I think the problem was you are using .NET Framework version 4.7.1.
I am not sure can you try
Refer below @octopus



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For anyone else who’s having an issue with UIPath freezing, one thing you may want to check is if you have a lot of variables/arguments and your variable list is open. I’ve noticed that I get significant lag from have them open that disappears as soon as I minimize the variable list again so I’ve gotten into the habit of remembering to minimize after creating/editing variables. Try it out.

Hey there!
I think I’m having the exact same problem, but with the 64-bit Enterprise version on a Win 10 machine.
The arrows in flowcharts are invisible (unless selected), and the variables pane on the bottom doesn’t behave as it should. One mouse click on the line containing the variable makes the values for scope and variable type disappear, and most of the time the whole application freeze.

After opening the variables pane, all fine:

after one mouse click, frozen:

On the company network I can’t downgrade the .NET version.
Any ideas on this? Anyone else having this problem?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @Robotomo

What Studio version do you have?

Studio 2018.1.2, Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB 64-bit
.NET 4.0.30319.42000

Hi @ovi ! :slight_smile:

can you at least upgrade to latest studio 18.2.3 release?

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Hi Gabriel,

yes, thanks. The question might be stupid, but where do I find the .msi for download?
The Studio guide says:
I think this is what I need. But the link there only leads to, I can’t find any downloads…
Am I getting something wrong?
Thanks for your support!

You have to contact the sales team if you have a paid license.
Forgot to ask earlier : do you have a language pack installed? Except English

Yeah, thanks.
No, no additional languages.
UPDATE: Yes, there seems to be English and German installe! And apparently there is no way to change that…

Ok, maybe also considering updating the dotnet framework version to latest

I had the same issue after installing Visual Studio 2017. (I think .net framework 4.7.1 was installed)

Updating the dotnet framework version to latest (4.7.2) fix the issue in UiPath. (I now see the arrow between blocks and i can set variable)

(UiPath studio 2017.1.6656, W7)

Glad its fixed

Thanks @Fred, I’ll try that!
Do you have other language packs installed?

Yes i have a lot of french langage packs. (And when i installed the new fk .net, the french langage pack was automaticaly install with.

For the latest version you can either contact someone from sales or you can download the, what’s called on the website, Trial version. This one is the .msi and it always has the latest released version. You just have to fill the form with you company email address.