UiPath Crashes when modifying variables/arguments

Hey there,

recently I have been facing some issues when trying to modify variables/arguments in UiPath Studio. Whenever I want to set a new default value for a variable/an argument (highlighted field in the screenshot) UiPath crashes (the window freezes and nothing happens → I have to shut UiPath down via task manager). I have tried rebooting the laptop 10 times, rebooting UiPath several times but nothing has worked so far. So my question is, has anybody had the same or a similar kind of problem and could give me a hint at a possible solution?

Thank you!


Hi @Postman5002,
I have seen UiPath giving me error while updating or adding variables. I am not sure why it shows those error sometimes. So before adding variables I click the “Save” button and after adding the variables also I saved the workflow. So before adding new variable try saving the workflow. It might help you to prevent those crashes.

I found the solution: The error has been caused by the new version of the Windows .NET framework (4.7.1). I have set it back to version 4.6 and since then the error has not appeared again.

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Do we also have another solution for this problem?
I have the issue with 2018.1.2.

Any solutions?

Do you have a language pack installed?

Hi Gabriel,
I have the same issue, I have a spanish language pack installed in my Windows OS.
If select in Windows spanish language, uipath studio not work fine, but I select language english uipath studio work succesfully.

My Uipath version is 2017.1.6522
Any solution for work in spanish language?


You need to update to the latest version, 18.1.4

Hi, Postman5002, how I do it ?