UiPath Studio doesnot load properly

Hi Experts,

For last few days uipath studio on my dev machine is not loading correctly. I have restarted the computer, tried opening the process by launching uipath studio and then pointing to the process JSON file but unfortunately nothing works. Below is the screenshot appears after lunching studio

i will appreciate any help in this.

Hi @ramvashista85

What is your Studio version?

Thank you for coming back, i ma using UiPath Studio 2019.10.3 Enterprise Licence

Hi @ramvashista85

Would you be able to contact our technical support via this form?

It might be the quickest way to get to the solution.

From generic suggestions, it looks like some files might have become corrupted, so a clean installation might fix it.

Thank you for the suggestion, I have contacted technical support, waiting for their response.
Thank you again

Great! Feel free to share the eventual solution with other users for future reference :slight_smile:

There was no such solution I implemented, no hotfix kind of thing.
It was intermittent issue and quick solution was to resize UiPath Studio after loading a project.

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What’s the status? I am blocked too and it sounds pretty similar.

Uipath technical support team suggested for clean installation (uninstall existing & then install) but the workaround that worked for is resize uipath studio once project is loaded. It should fix the issue. Let me know how it goes.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it 4x, including cleaning manually all directories with files from UiPath. I tried to use licenses from entreprise orchestrators or community. Nothing changing…
Question: What do you mean by “resize” Studio?

I believe a quick workaround is to literally resize the Studio window on your desktop to force its content to be redrawn.

@FautVoir, any luck in getting this fix?