Cannot set up Ui Path Robot

I am trying to set up the Ui Path Robots, Studio, and Orchestrator. I am using the community edition. For some reason the download link provided for the community edition only downloads Ui Path Studio and not the Ui Path Robots software. How do I download the Ui Path Robots software? Whenever I try to download, I do not get this box:


It just starts an instance of Ui Path Studio.

Any help you all could provide would be great. Thank you!

I don’t think its the community edition that you have installed. Seems like an Enterprise one. :thinking:

If your robot is not available under system tray, navigate to ‘%Userprofile%\AppData\Local\UiPath’ (Path where UiPath is installed), check for ‘app-18.1.3’ folder and run UiRobot.exe. It should start the UiRobot under system tray.

Let me know if it works.

Rammohan B.

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Okay so that worked – thank you so much! Why is it there?

With that being said, when I try to open UiRobot.exe it just opens what looks like a command window for around 1 second, then closes. Any advice here? Thanks again!

Thats how it is. its where the robot is installed.

Yes, Its expected. You will find your robot in system tray with an icon as ‘Ui’.

Rammohan B.

Awesome. Thank you!