For Each ,Click and Type Into Activity

I wanna type data in my Excel file to my desktop application by Automation, but I found a problem that after the first row is successful automation but other are stuck coz BOT cannot find the corrected position to input data like process in the first row. By the way, I also maximize window by send hotkey (Alt + space + x). Anyone found this issue? Thanks.

Usually we got EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE with read and write range activities that will read the data and enter the data to excel application
Or if we want to enter to excel only via UI in front end then to go it to start from particular cell use send hot key like ctrl+g and then use type into activity with cell position value which cell we want go or start with
Then with couple of send hot key and type into activity we can enter the data to excel from front end

Cheers @natchakrit



the error that I found and the screen that I stuck. Data from Excel automate to filled into mydesktop application.

is that click activity is placed within a attach window activity
try with send hot key activities with key as tab to navigate across each field and use n number of send hot key activity with key as tab, once after reaching the field use TYPE INTO activity with the input string and use a final send hot key with key as enter

Cheers @natchakrit