How to Achieve filter click Activity on Excel

Hello Guys, I have a excel file which is having a table with options to select from drop down ,
On Click of PLEASE SELECT, I can see drop downs.
Example screenshot :

Based on Drop down the bottom , Table get refreshed/update/shown data which is having Name, title, entity ETC.
I want to verify if data is correct based on some conditions.

How do I achieve this on UIpath automation ?

@Jena There should be a macro written in the excel file which is updating the data on selected index changed as action of drop-down.
You have to see the macro name and then use the excel application scope and use execute macro activity where you can pass that macro name.
If there is no macro then I’ll need more inputs on the file.

@Pravin_Patil1 Thanks for reply , I checked the Excel , and couldn’t find any macro associated with it. Does the macro hidden somewhere , not sure. Any other ways to find out ?

@Jena Go to view option in excel then macro option to see if there are any macros

@Pravin_Patil1 yes checked, nothing available.

@Jena Then cannot do anything unless I see the Excel…
As a workaround, Use Excel application scope which will open the file, and try using the select item activity on the drop-down or else click text activity