Check from excel list

Hello All,

I have a list in excel need to check in web ,then scrape web data.

Is there anyone know how to copy data from excel to web?

thanks in advance for your kind help.

Hi! Use Excel application scope and give the path of the excel file by clicking on the three dots.
After that use a read range activity to read all the data from excel…
Now use a for each row activity and filter the data from excel, for eg. If you want data from “Name” colum
Use row(“Name”).toString…
Now put this data into the web application using type into…

I’ve tried your sugguestion, and error happen as below.


my work flow is like this

Do you know why?


What are you typing inside the field? Could you please tell that.

Also if you could please send the xaml file.

Here is what I type into


is that correct?


Sorry I can’t share the xaml since it’s internal company web…

Have you included the headers?

HU Reference is the header.

here is how excel data like



Go to Read Range activity and check the Add Header property…

Or just use row(0) instead of row(“HU Reference”)

Thank you, I found it and another error happen:sob:


do you know why?

Try to indicate the element again! Check if the selector changes.

And the field you where you are typing the data, that is an input field Right? I mean is it a drop-down?
Also try playing with properties of type into. Try changing waitforready property to NONE. It might work.

I’ve change the waitforready to null, It works, but it can only type in excel file. It can’t turn to web page and insert the .

The field is the input field , not drop down.

Try indicating the input box using UIExplorer and try to add more tags…that might help

Hi! Try using anchor base like this:
Anchor Base (5.6 KB)
Read this link:

I hope now your issue will be resolved :slight_smile:

Yes,it works. Thank you a lot!:slight_smile:

Welcome Mate :slight_smile:
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