Matching a information from a cell and selecting in from a drop down

Hi everyone, I need some help. I reading a cell from excel then trying to find that item on a drop down box that holds multiple dates. How would I do that?

Use the Read Cell activity in the Excel Application Scope, and then use Select Item, sending the data from the cell you read.

For more on each activity, see below:

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Does not work. You have to find the option in the drop down arrow. Cant paste from excel just need the bot to read a cell from excel then click the drop down arrow and find the identical info and select it.

Yes, but finding the option in a drop-down box is what Select Item will do, and Read Cell will read the cell data so you can send it to the drop-down.

Can you show me a build out example? (17,6 Ko)

I keep getting this error
[Attribute is not supported by the current uinode from the source Get Attribute activity]

The example workflow I’ve provided will not use get attribute. You only need to use Select Item to choose from the drop-down.


When you pick the selector for the Select Item activity, choose the drop-down box it self, rather than the item in the drop-down box.

The documentation also states that if this still does not work, use a Click activity to open the drop-down menu, and then use Select Item (again, on the combo box rather than the item itself).

I think something is wrong with my select item activity. I get this error when trying to select a screen shot.


Another option is to use SimulateClick on the item in the dropdown after expanding the menu. So you click once to open the drop-down, then SimulateClick to choose the item. You’ll need a dynamic selector for the 2nd one where you insert the value from Excel into an attribute containing the name of the choice.

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