How to set destinatin folder in Download File from URL?

omg UiPath docu is terrible…
can anyone advise how to set a destination folder for Download File from URL?

Hi @Serwei ,
What’s your browser?
if you are going with chrome .
If that is the case , you already know that it will be saved in download folder location.
Since you have already the file name - use move file activity move to move downloaded file to desired location .
or move

but you use with IE. It gives you direct option to download to desired location. Adding more you will get flexibility to extract file name , which I believe won’t be available with chrome browser.


Hi @Serwei

Did you check this activity:


Hi! Thanks for the suggestions, so I using this but how to set the Output dir?

You need get in “yourPath”

Try to put the full path in “Save file as”.

oops, sorry newbie here. what does yourpath refer to? I can’t find the syntax in UiPath…
I did the tutorials with Excel, and the convention is slightly less comprehensive…

it’s String value
you need add string inside " "
eg: “C/download/…”


Give the full path where you want to save the file in save file as property.

Hi @Serwei

When you are downloading it from a website if it is in chrome browser, then go to chrome.
Open Chrome → Open the Chrome Settings → Go to downloads tab → In Location option you can change the path of the downloads folder.

When you run the bot it downloads the files from the website to the specified folder.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks for the many suggestions: for the Save As in browser, it’s not reflecting as UiPath is saving everything into my project folder.

for the scripting, what’s the syntax? I used “xxx” but where and how should I type it in? .e.g. Save file as == “xxxdir”[filenamevar] ?

you can use

Got error: syntax is incorrect… must change to forward slash? and the “…”?

Replace “…” with the name that you want for your file.

the specific error… missing the original filename from the webpage too

I want the original filename, as it’s a serial number

In that case, I think you would need to leave the “Save file as” empty. To get the file after it is downloaded, you can use the “Downloaded File” output property.

Yup think so too, but I can’t find how to get the syntax… “DIRNAME” is not enough… need something else in the Advanced Editor


You need to use a variable.

Hi @Serwei,

Welcome to community.

Can you share the workflow? It seems like it would be easier to edit from there.