Save data in folder once downloaded from Chrome and rename

Hello Experts,

By clicking the " Exportar Excel" the data gets downloaded in Excel, and i am using click activity for same.

Upon clicking the data gets saved in “Download folder” which is default from chrome. However, i have changed the setting to prompt as save as in chrome.

what i want to achieve is once i click on the “Exportar Excel” i would want the file to be saved in desired folder and then it should rename as per my data search, which i have blacked/yellow out. All the data search and date fields are achieved using UIpath.

I am not getting the next steps. can you advise any activity or flow i can use to achieve it.
Thanks in advance for all your help


Change ‘download location path’ in Chrome Settings to your required path,

Then later once file is downloaded, you can rename filename.

@chaitanya.kulkarni i actually did it, is there any other way to do it.

Also, if we choose the a folder there could be multiple files in that folder it has to pick the one it just saved, can you advise on the activity that can be used.


Hi @aladin347,

You can enable setting ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading’ as shown in previous diagram.

So, everytime when you download file from chrome, pop up will ask you path and file name

Hi @chaitanya.kulkarni

how can i do this without any human intervention.

Hi @aladin347,

This setting you would need to do only once, so there will not be human intervention.