Giving specific path to downloaded paths

If uipath download certain files and can we create separate folder and move those downloaded file to that path and folder.

@KarthikBallary yes of course we create it using create directory we can save the downloaded

pls send any sample example

I have used create directory but do I move that downloaded

@KarthikBallary while downloading the file does it show any popup where to save the file.or it simply downloading without asking anything.

no. There will be view page and and if we click on it, it will download

@KarthikBallary are you using IE OR chrome


@KarthikBallary try with IE so that while downloading it will show the pop up whether to save directly or to save as like this.there use click activity on save as and there give the directory which you created it will download the file in the respective folder.

@KarthikBallary have you tried buddy.

Instead of that the downloded files will be status bar ryt. if right click on that >show in folder>cut>paste.

but I couldn’t select files in status bar


You are going with chrome i believe.
If that is the case , you already know that it will be saved in download folder location.
Since you have already the file name - use move file activity move to move downloaded file to desired location .

but still i would say please go with IE. It gives you direct option to download to desired location. Adding more you will get flexibility to extract file name , which i believe won’t be available with chrome browser.


Thank you so much

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