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I am trying to download a file from Chrome. It is going to Downloads Folder.
I am trying to change the path to a specific folder by using “Type into” the “Save As Window” - File Name field. But it would not type in the specified path. Can you please suggest ways to save the file to a different folder other than Downloads? Thanks a lot,

Hi @cury ,

Could you head over to Chrome Settings and make the changes you see fit →

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Ashwin A.K

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Just let it go to the Downloads folder, use a Do While to wait for the file to download, then use the Move File activity to move it where you want it.

Thank you so much for the support! I realized I did not do Uipath Extensions for the browser. Now it is fine. Thanks again!

I have open browser - in the Do block, downloading the file. Download takes some time. How do I close the browser after download? Can I use “Close tab”? Or do I have to use Attach window and close tab? Thanks a lot.

Hi @cury

Please use an Attach Window and use Close Tab activity.


It is not working.
I have try catch block.
In try - I open browser, download file.
In finally - I am attaching browser and doing close tab.
Browser stays open.


Hi @cury,

I believe that one of the simplest methods to do is to enable your Chrome to request to inform the download path.
Having this enabled, you put a type into informing the path, file name and extension in the name field, thus “C:\app\teste.xml” without quotes.

Inside the type into I recommend concatenating a k[enter] so you don’t have to click the save button, so it will do it automatically. Staying in this form inside the type into “C:\app\teste.xml[k(enter)]”.

Ps: Sorry I can’t post pictures yet


Thanks a lot!

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Chrome - after the download activity, I like to clean up.

If I add a “delay” and add “Close tab” - I get the alert that “Download is still happening, do you like to stop download”.

If I do not add “Close tab” activity, after the workflow, if I add “Kill Process - Chrome”, next time I start Chrome I am getting the alert that “Chrome is not shut down properly”.
So I am leaving the Chrome hanging after download. Any suggestions for this? Many Thanks,

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