Download File to Specific Path Without Move to Folder

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This issue is like a disease on this forum. Ive seen so many newbies including myself struggling to understand why you cant specify a specific download path location.
Using Chrome I download a file to a specific path without any issues, I can run the bot 10 times and each time it works perfectly.
UiPath Demo App the csv is the file I download.
Lets say my specific folder is

But… if I manually download the same file from the same website and save it to a different location Downloads
then run the bot again it fails, as the Chrome “save as” dialog box doesnt contain the correct path so uipath stops.
Even " type into " path doesnt work, it saves to the last saved location which is a complete mystery…

I really dont believe a workaroud like " move file to folder " is a solution to what should be a relatively simple process.

I have searched throughout the forum without luck, all the answers are move the file from \Downloads which I believe is just complicating a simple bot.



did we try with IE Browser instead of Chrome
because in IE Browser we get an option to save as in different folder structure, once after the file is downloaded

i have attached code on it

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Hi, no as its a end of life software, tried Edge but same issue, thanks.

yeah then we can change the download path in chrome and make that as default, if we dont want to use MOVE FILE activity
its like…if its not with Bot then its with application we use.

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What if I have 2 different bots saving to 2 different locations ?
I just dont see why we cant specify, is it Chrome or Uipath thats the problem ?

Usually all browser have some default settings not only with DOWNLOAD option but everything and in our case in order to enable user to access the files downloaded easily at one location, it is set once to a particular folder

even if we try to download manually its going to get downloaded in the default location and still if we want to move it manually to another folder we will be following certain steps in GUI and **that manual steps can still be simulated with UiPath with basic activities like CLICK and TYPE INTO activity.

Its the application from where we download matters ultimately
so here its with browser and not with UiPath.

UiPath can still help in saving the file in different location with UI Interaction and not just with MOVE FILE

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So to be clear, Uipath cant specify a download location for individual bots, it has to be the Chrome default ? then move it with other activities ?


Each process in UiPath can hold its own download locations as a input
but the way to mention that location for saving file, is something can be done through UI Interaction with any Browsers
UiPath can click on download, click on different buttons and navigate through windows to save in different folder we want.
But it cant tell a browser - a external application to save at a different location the moment when download is clicked, which can’t be done even manually if i m not wrong.

Cheers @MikeC

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Hey thanks for replying, much appreciated.
I have really good success in using the app/web recorder for this purpose alone but I was just at a loss as to why it couldnt be done using click/ type into etc.

Thanks again, Mike.

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