Download File Into Specific Folder

I want to download a file from google into a particular folder and save it with a particular name. Can anyone help on the same with a solution?

Please refer to the attached Screenshot.


You can download using HREF,

  1. Get the HREF of your file which you want to download it from google using “Get attribute” activity and store it into one variable, in here i am storing my href into “downloadaudio” variable

  2. Add this code into Invoke code acitivity

Using wc As New System.Net.WebClient()
    End Using
  1. create arguments in this acitivty like following:

Make sure you are passing same arguments in your code…
4) Pass your HREF variable into URL arguments value and set your desire path into PATH arguments value

Hope this will work for you

Vinit M

Hi, Sarah! Welcome to the community.

Can you explain your task in more detail?)

Hi @Sarah_Syed welcome to uipath Forum

Please find below link for reference to go to download settings in chrome

So I understand you are downloading something from Google

So in download settings there will be an option named :Ask where to save the file everytime

Kindly enable that radio button so you will be able to download the file to your desired destination location

Thanks @nikhil.girish .

Thanks @NervousTuber , that’s something new to me!

Hi @Sergey_Petrenko ,

The process is that I have to generate some document from Google and save it in a particular folder in “Downloads”.
“This PC\Downloads\Extract1\Extract UiPath1”
But the problem is I’m unable to give the path in the Save As - window using UiPath Studio Activities. (Even after enabling “Ask where to save the file everytime” in Google settings)


Please try to insert path to “File name” field.

C:\This PC\Downloads\Extract1\Extract UiPath1\file.pdf

And then click “Save”.