How to set delay?

I want to wait for 10 minutes on the modal below with loading screen to finish , if its more than 10 minutes and its not finished and this finish popup does not appear proceed to the next workflow.


Any idea would be appreaciated THANKS.

hI @Jelrey do u need to check whetehrr the finish pop up is appeared or not ?
if not appeared for more than 10 minutes it should move to next window is it right ?

I need to wait for this loading for 10 minutes and then if successful a pop up will appear. If after 10 minutes the popup did not appear proceed to next workflow.

Did you consider this with extended timeout?

You might want to check “continue on error”.

Hi @Jelrey use element exist with indicating the pop up element

Set the timeout in 10 minutes (it should be added in milliseconds in element exists property panel)

Store the result of element exist in boolean variable lets say output

then use if condition if condition as output

then provide the sequences for it according to the conditions

Hope it helps you


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so I set element exist first for this one

and then next I add delay activity that waits for this one (which is 10 minutes?)

and then I check again after 10 minutes if this element existsimage

if not proceed . Am I right @NIVED_NAMBIAR ? Thanks

Hi @Jelrey

In the property panel of element exist there is timeout property where we specify how much we wait for uielement in this case

In our case it is 10 min , so specify this time in that property panel

Time should be entered in milliseconds

No need of delay activity


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Thank you Sir

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