Timeout problem UIPath Studio

Hi there,

I was facing the problem of exceeding the standard timeout for a sequence in Studio, as it took to long for the application to open and the next button was not detected in time. My first workaround was to set a delay time in the subsequent activity, but this solution was not very reliable as the loading times for the application differs every time i execute the workflow. That’s why I came up with another solution:

Position an element exists activity before the activity that is causing the timeout and set a variable as output, e.g. “exists”
The variable will be of boolean type set it to false as default. Now use the while activity and set condition “exists = false”. In the Body of the while activity, again place the element exists activity and let the robot check if the element that should appear has opened.

I attached an example below: What it does is to repeatedly check if the element has popped up before executing the next click.

Hope this is useful for other newbies at UiPath as its an annoying problem and i couldnt find another solution online.

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You can use the below activity -

1- Open “Propeties” on “Element Exist” Activity
2- Open Item “Target”
3- Select “Timeout”
4 - Add o Remplace Time (miliseconds), Example: “6000”, (Default is 3000)
5- Select “Wait For Ready”
6- Change for “COMPLETE”, (Default is Interactive)