How to wait for dialog in uipath?

how to wait for dialog in uipath ? I have a dialog that ha a progress bar . I wanted to wait for 10 minutes for the progress bar to finish loading if its more than 10 minutes proceed to next workflow. Thank you.

Use a combination of the Element Exists and Wait Element Vanish activities.
First, check if the progress bar appears on screen with ‘Element Exists’. (Use the default timeout i.e. 30000ms if you like)
As soon as the element is found, use ‘Wait Element Vanish’ with a timeout of 600000ms i.e. 10 minutes.

A word of caution: The ‘Wait Element Vanish’ can be tricky to use sometimes. If the progress bar flashes for a brief moment (instances when the operation completes almost instantly) the element exists activity may not have yet successfully detected the dialog.
In which case, the wait element vanish will fail saying the element wasn’t found in the first place. Make sure you set the timeout etc right and place protective checks around the activities as necessary.

  1. Use Try-Catch blocks to take appropriate action. OR
  2. If you’d rather not care when download finishes before it’s even detected, use the ContinueOnError property in these activities to continue the workflow if the wait check fails. That way you save time too.