On Element Appear Activity timeout issue

As we all know we have On element appear activity which waits for a specific UI element to appear on screen also if the UI element is taking more time to appear we will increase the Timeout in activity but in my case I have used timeout 10secs so after 10sec it should throw an error SelectorNotFoundException but it is not throwing any error and the activity is dynamically waiting for the element to appear if any other ui element is appeared then it waits for 10sec and throw the error why? thought this is good for developers its bothering me! is this bug in my UIpath im using 2019.4.4 Enterprise edition


Set RepeatForever field to False instead of True and then try once.

I tried repeatforever false also waitforread is none but same result


If you specify Timeout as 10 sec then within that time it won’t find that element it will throw error. Could you please help me with screenshot of that activity properties and so that we can check and let you know.

You can try with Element Exists activity also.


Here, you didn’t pass any value to Output FoundElement.

And also you have to set TimeOut field value to 10000 if you want to set 10 sec but not 100

i know that 1000ms is 1sec so 100 is wrong i just wanted to know why the activity didnt throw error instead it worked sucessfuly


May be it found that element here :thinking:

Use Element Exists activity and check it once.


How about using Element Exist Activity with the TimeOut.

If Exists : Then perform the Operation.


no the UI appeared after 7mins so logically my activity should throw error but it didnt
rather it was waiting for 7mins as soon as the UI appeared it triggered

My concern is why my activity(OnElementAppear) is not throwing error whereas it should

i have nothing to do with using other activities

WaitActive and waitVisible - Have you tried making both true ?

YEAH i tried every possible thing but still it waits till the UI appears