How to set condition in a retry scope


Hi peepz
This workflow is working 100% now, but the worflow will keep looping until there is no error.
Can anyone provide an example of the use of retry scope, to restrict the number of retries?

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Retry Scope condition can be one of the activities that return a boolean.

For example,
Is True or Is False are activities that return boolean.

Then, provide it a condition that will make it true so it continues to retry until the condition becomes false. And you can also adjust the amount of retries.

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I cannot drag anything to the condition field, can you provide a simple example xml?

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Scope Retry works for Activity which returns Boolean, such as “Element Exists”, “Image Exists” etc.,


Hi Extinguir,
You’ll want to just get used to using the ones that provide you a boolean result. Go to the Search in activities and search for “exist” or “is” (like all the “is true” “is equal” or “element exists” etc)

You’ll get used to a few that you find comfortable using.
The boolean activities will let you drag it in to condition spot.

Thanks. =)



We can use a “Is Match” and compare a string.

Arun Sharma


I don’t find the “is true” activity. What package should I install to get it?


Install Microsoft.Activities.Extensions



Hi Lucas, I still dont find the “is true” activity after installing the mentioned package.


Try Workflow Manager Activities


Try searching for Expressions and it will list all similar activities like Is True.

Also, you might run in the glitch where if you open Studio for the first time after a reboot, the packages don’t load, until you close and reopen Studio a second time… which may or may not be fixed in newer versions of Studio.


The condition must be FALSE to do the retry. If the condition is TRUE, the robot will get out of the retry loop.