Retry scope condition - retries on element doesn't exist

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I have a question about retry scope condition.

I am trying to do a retry when certain element does not exist on the page. When I put in element exist in the condition block, does it let you set if you want the “element exist” or “element not exist” as the condition, or we can only use “element exist” as the condition?


Search for “Workflow Manager Activities” by Microsoft. This package includes an activity “Is True” which lets you use a boolean expression to determine if the retry should occur. This way, you can use Element Exists to get the status in the action section of the retry, and then set condition Not MyElementExists, where MyElementExists is the variable holding the output of the Element Exists activity.

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Hi @ianhyj

Within Retry Scope Activity
Element Exists activity is used when if that element is not present.

Assume that while loading the browser some element doesn’t exists der which you have already spy in Element Exists Activity then it will retry again and vice versa.

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hi @Pratik_Wavhal

Sorry I think I am not explaining myself in the post.

what if I want the retry scope to exit when an element does NOT exist, and retries when it exists? Is there a way to do that?

Retry scope allows only a few activities (maybe you have noticed) and is strict working with the logic - Boolean is returned and it will stop once it was true.

To your question: No
Alternate: Create a custom retry like described here:

Hi @ianhyj : @Anthony_Humphries has already shared the solution. Please check below screenshot of the solution he suggested:

You need to install package “Microsoft.activities” (Workflow Manager Activities) for activity “Is true”