Can any one explain about retry scope activity

i refered entire this forum ,about retry scope . i did nt get the explanations .so can anyone explain about the retry scope .

Hey @Sukesh

Have you tried this thread?


Yes @aksh1yadav, i didnt get what exactly meant there!, can you please elaborate this

This Activity Contains Two blocks:

  • Action Block

  • Condition Block

Retry Scope Activity “Retries the contained activities as long as the condition is not met or an error is thrown.”

Condition Block - There are activities like “Element exists” that can be used in Retry scope (because they have a boolean result). Similarly Image Exists and so on.

Only those activities are supported in Condition Block which have a Boolean Result.

Action Block - Here you can define your actions or steps what you wants to achieve if that condition block will return true.

It support following attributes like
The number of times that the sequence is to be retried.
Specifies the amount of time (in seconds) between each retry.

So Retry Scope activity will keep retrying to perform particular set of step till the condition will be true for “Number of retires” mentioned.



Thank you so much @aksh1yadav , one question regarding this .from which Uipath version the retry scope is available?

Sorry did not noticed across versions and even in release not was not able to identify.

@badita should know.


Thank you for the clear explanation!

Can we continue execution after Retry scope fails,
As i notice its throwing error after number of retry’s and stopping the execution process ?

Hi @aksh1yadav

Now, I’ve a boolean variable in my action block. If the boolean variable is not True, then it should retry.

So how do I put that criteria in the condition block?

Hi there @Serran_Neru,
To evaluate your Boolean, you can use the IsTrue/IsFalse activities, provided under:

Thanks in advance,

What happens if I leave the NumberOfRetries field blank? I want to make the Action Block repeat forever/indefinitely.

I would recommend not having it repeat forever and changing your workflow instead. However, the NumberOfRetries field accepts an InArgument(Int32)

The max value of an int32 is 2,147,483,647 so just put that number in to repeat as many times as possible.

Thank you.
What happens if the condition is not met after the retries in the NumberOfRetries? Will the Retry Scope activity throw an exception (unless of course the ContinueOnError field is True)?

Yes, it will throw an exception stating “Action failed to execute as expected”

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