Retry Scope Activity


I’m just trying to use the Retry Scope activity and where it says Drop Condition Activity Here there are no activities that seem suitable for this.

Surely this should be a condition section similar to the If or Do While activity

e.g. you just want to put Success = false or something to that extent.

Am I missing something?



The Condition of the Retry Scope accepts only an activity that returns a boolean value (such as Element Exists, Text Exists, OCR Text Exists or Image Exists). Using one of these, the actions you declare will be retried as long as the condition is not met or a error is thrown.

I hope you understand it better now.


OK thanks for the clarification. Perhaps adding that info to the hover help would be useful.

Does it use the value that is populated by the Exists property of Element exists, for example? Or is that just for referring to in further activities?

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It requires an Activity<bool> and will use it’s Result property (this may be named differently if it’s customized, but it always needs to be a non-void activity with return type bool).

You can use custom activities as well, as long as they inherit from Activity<T> Where T:bool. Easiest to check from class declaration for:
public class MyActivity : CodeActivity<bool> // this will be most of them

Or you can check Execute’s override if it returns bool.

If you don’t have access to source code (f.e. with UiPath activities), you just need to try. List from Alex seems to be most of them. I’ve tested it also with some of the Microsoft activities, as well as FIle Exists etc.