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I’ve read the other topics about the Retry Scope activity, but I didn’t find an answer to my question.

My question is very specific: how do you end the retry scope Activity in a good/suitable way?

I’ve put the retry scope around my entire workflow and it works perfectly, I’ve set the number of retries on 3 BUT after the third time I get an error message that “the action retry scope failed to execute as expected” (see screenshot). I’ve tried to set a message box after the retry scope but after the maximum number of retries I always get the error message.

Can anybody explain to me what I’m doing wrong? Is there a good way to end the retry scope?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi ShirleyG,

What is the condition you have set? The activity in condition must be giving a boolean output. Keep in mind that it works like a “do while”, not “while do”. You can try using Is True activity(Workflow Manager Activities) to sanitize - this boolean will always fit as condition inside retry scope.

Hey Ovi,

Thank you for your quick response!

If everything is finished inside my flow I assigned the variabele “EndOFList” to “true” and the default of “EndOfList” is false.

I’ve set the “is true-activity” as condition for the retry scope with input: “EndOfList = true” , so I thought as long the EndOfList variabele is “false” (meaning that my flow hasn’t finished) the flow should be retried using the retry scope for the amount of retries I defined (3 times).

Should I alter something in what I described above so my retry scope ends in a good way?


How about setting the Continue On Error to True (assuming you already have other needed error handling)?


thanks for your input, quick update: it works, but no idea why or how because I didn’t change anything…

But…it works!


Hi @ovi, I can’t find Is True activity in the latest release. Please help!


Harshit Goyal

Please search for “Check True”

Thank you for the quick reply @ovi, but I already tried it. Check True does not return only Boolean value. It also returns a string error message and that’s why I am unable to drag this activity into condition block.

@ovi, I have found a workaround for it using Regex (Is Match) activity.


Is True is the activity in the Workflow Manager Activities that returns a boolean.

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Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile:


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